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Featured products



-Shrink Film/ Stretch Wrap

-Paper products (sheets, rolls etc) 

-Packing Tape

-Poly Bags (i.e. Garbage Bags)

We offer a wide range of products that fit your needs in Retail/Food, Industrial, Janitorial and Packing Labels and much more.

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-Paper (Bathroom, Facial, Hand, Towel tissue etc) 

-Chemicals (hand soap, bleach, general cleaners etc)



-Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer ANY Size

-Scale Labels (Digi Labels)

-Laser Labels

-Food Labels


-Blank Labels 

-Custom printing and logo labels 

-Thermal Ribbons

Retail & Food

​-Poly/Paper Bags

-Cash Register rolls

-Labels & Labelers

-Shrink Wrap (Hand and Machine)


-Foam Trays, Napkins, Takout containers

-Nirile & Vinyl Gloves